H is for Horror



I’m not the biggest fan of horror movies, much to my mother’s great disappointment. I don’t like them because they freak me out more than I can comfortably handle – it’s the combination of the music and visually seeing things play out in front of you that unnerves me.

But I’ve found in recent years that I really like reading horror books.

I’ve always read Stephen King (Mum wouldn’t have let me get away with that one) and recently I’ve been expanding my horror reading to a few new authors.


There’s something safe about a book – you can read it at your own pace, put it down at any time. There isn’t a musical accompaniment, and though they can be really, really scary, there’s a layer of removal that you don’t get when watching a film, leaving me free to enjoy the scares of the story without being overwhelmed. Yes, I am a wuss.


I’ve also enjoyed a horror audiobook this year. The narrator of NOS4R2 was so perfect – she had such a creepy voice, and it really brought the chills to life. Fortunately, I was listening while commuting to work in the brilliant sunshine, and so didn’t get too creeped out by this Christmas chiller!

the vanishing game

YA and MG horror also really seems to be taking off at the moment. Unfortunately, The Vanishing Game isn’t the best example, but it’s the only one I’ve read in the last twelve months, so it will have to stand. These creepy books for kids are really inventive and genuinely quite scary despite their audience, proving again that kids don’t need to be dumbed down for.

There are quite a few horror books on my shelves that I’m hoping to get round to this year, so here’s to many more great horror reads!


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