Weekly Round Up #24

Weekly Round Up #24 (05/01-11/01)

I have been so ill this week, it’s not even funny. Particularly not funny, because I started my first week at a new job. Being Walking Dead Girl wasn’t doing much for my first impressions, but I survived without having to take a day off, just about, and am hoping that they see the real me from now on!

I did manage to get my Jantastic off to a good start though. I ran with lungs filled with porridge on Monday, then managed not to drown for three swims. I’m pleased to report that even poorly, I managed to swim 16 lengths, which is twice as many as I need to for my January challenge. I didn’t swim them consecutively, and I haven’t timed how long it takes, but I at least know I can do the distance. And if I can do the distance in bits when I’m ill, I’m pretty sure I can do it in one whack when I’m feeling a bit closer to 100%.

The Boyfriend was back off for his training, which made me feel a bit sad – not that I had much time for sulking about it between all the sleeping I was doing. He’s been really good about phoning every day, though, and the week went so fast, before I knew it, the weekend was upon us.

We spent most of the weekend watching films. Grand Budapest Hotel – weird but very enjoyable. I, Frankenstein – biggest pile of shite we’ve watched for a long time. Amazing Spiderman 2 – I enjoyed it, the Boyfriend did not. We don’t normally watch three films in two days, but we were both pretty exhausted, and vegging out made us both feel a whole lot better. And we did go swimming. The Boyfriend tried to teach me about front crawl, and I did manage to do a whole length (just about) but I’m still a long way from being comfortable doing it.

I’m hoping next week is a little more eventful. When you basically sleep for five days (including at your desk at work) it doesn’t leave much time for doing exciting things. Or eating. Or anything, really. I’ve done more today than I did all last week. Here’s hoping the rest of the week continues in this fashion!


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