5 Things I’m Looking Forwards to in 2015

2015 is pretty high on the excitement scale, as there are so many great things happening. Okay, a lot of them are movies, but you can forgive me for that right?

Here are the top 5 things I’m looking forwards to this year.

Unknown1. Jurassic World

Out in the summer – shortly after my birthday if anyone fancies treating me – Jurassic World’s trailer is so epic, I can’t wait to see the actual film. I hope it doesn’t disappoint, because I love Jurassic Park the original film so much, and I really want to see a sequel that does it justice. I mean, the second and third films aren’t utterly terrible. Just a bit cheese. I want the dinosaurs to be proper scary again, and for the park to be amazing. If you think how groundbreaking Jurassic Park the original was back in it’s day – that’s what I’m after. And everything I’ve seen so far suggests that’s exactly what I’m going to get.

Also, that moment in the trailer when the Jurassic Park music plays really really slowly – awesome.

3e6bd3d3d6dfca0525c00e4cd234b8e12. Star Wars The Force Awakens

I was of an age when the prequel trilogy came out that I didn’t so much care about Jar Jar Binks. Pod Racers were awesome and I wanted one. I was ten, I think. But as an adult I recognise that they aren’t great. Hayden Christensen you are hot, but you are annoying. Plus, some bad guys just don’t need originising. But JJ Abrams did such an epically good job of reinventing Star Trek (I was not at all a Star Trek fan, but loved it) that I trust in him to do amazing things with Star Wars, and I am so beyond excited to see this film in December!

P.S. Not sure if that’s an official poster, but it’s pretty cool.

3. Completing My Triathlon

I’m really excited to be embarking on my next personal challenge of completing a triathlon. I’m going to do the Cheshire Triathlon in May, so look out for me coming last! At time of writing, I haven’t started training yet, but hopefully by time of posting I will be well into the swing of swimming. Or, you know, not drowning. I would settle for that!

4. New Year, New Career

I’m hugely excited about another personal challenge – I’m embarking on a new job, one that I will likely stick with for at least a couple of years, but could become my career if it’s the sort of thing I enjoy and am good at. Here’s hoping it’s challenging and rewarding and something I can really get my teeth in to.

5. Augurdale

With a bit of luck and perseverance, I’m hoping that this year is the year we unleash Augurdale on the world. We’ve got a bit of work to do yet – between Christmas and New Year things had to take a bit of a break, but we’re back on the case and ploughing full steam ahead. Keep an eye on the blog for more details soon!


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