Weekly Round Up #23

Weekly Round Up #23 (29/12-04/01)

Christmas is over, but the lethargy is lingering still. We haven’t been up to a great deal over this week – largely due to spending much of our time either fighting off illness or getting ready to go back to work.

New Years did bring a little party spirit. I spent it at Mum’s with some family friends. Good conversation and food meant the night went surprisingly quickly (usually I find New Years a bit of a drag – it’s a long old day). And I wasn’t even hung over the next day. Well, mildly Takeaway hungover, which meant when Ivy wanted to do a takeaway and film night I really wasn’t up for it.

I felt really bad, but I’m just a lightweight these days! So it was good that we came up with an alternative – homemade pizza night and playing the Lyric Board Game. The Boyfriend and I kicked ass, though it took us about six goes to win (you have to sing a song lyric for each of six words on a list, e.g. road, somewhere, paint, this, I’m, thunder, in under a minute. It’s REALLY hard. Try thinking of a song containing the word ‘this’ under pressure. There are probably hundreds, but I couldn’t think of one.) I’m pleased to report that I rather nerdishly won with ‘I’m on the road to Veridian City’ (from the Pokemon soundtrack if you are not so enlightened.)

After all that good, it was disappointing to start feeling rough at the weekend, especially considering I was about to embark on the first day of my new job (flashforward, it goes about as well as it possibly could have in the circumstances, but I was basically a zombie). I spent almost all of Saturday in bed, all of Sunday day time unable to get warm, even in the bath and with a hot water bottle, then all of Sunday Night sweating so bad I woke myself up.

At time of writing, my house is a tip, I haven’t done half the things I’m supposed to have done – including this post – and I’m still not a proper shilling. But what’s the Christmas break without a bit of flu?


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