Weekly Round Up #22

Weekly Round Up #22 (22/12 – 28/12)

The week started with my final two days of my current job. It’s odd to think that I’m leaving something all over again, and having to do the new starter thing all over again in a couple of weeks! I did enjoy my interim job, but I’m really excited about what I’m going to be doing in two weeks time!

Then it was time for christmas madness. On Christmas Eve, we sang carols outside and went for impromptu drinks at the local Wetherspoons. It was a really nice, chilled evening, and a great way to get into the Christmas spirit after leaving work so close to the day itself and therefore feeling very unfestive.

We spent Christmas morning with my family, then the afternoon with the Boyfriends. We ate too much and slept most of the afternoon away. The next day we headed up to the North East to see some of the Boyfriend’s extended family. It’s a long, long way to go, but it was good to see everyone – we don’t get up all that often, so it was lovely to have the opportunity to have a catch up.

We made the most of the getaway by doing Albert Parkrun on the Saturday morning. We try to do a different one every time we go up, and we’ve got through most of the nearby ones now. Albert Parkrun would have been a fabulous course, only there was a frost overnight which turned it into an ice rink. It was very hard going as we had to run on grass almost all the way round or risk landing on our backsides. The ending was particularly treacherous so no sprint finishes for me!

On the way home, we headed for Trafford Centre, thinking we’d get a break from the heavy traffic on the motorways. A mistake, it turns out, as we were sat in just as much traffic to get there. We had a bit of luck in the carpark though and got a space quite easily. We then went to get some food, as we hadn’t eaten since a banana and some brioche just after the run, and were therefore really hungry. As we were eating, a message came over the tannoy pleading with shoppers to delay leaving, as the traffic was still hideous. At this point, the Boyfriend and I decided the best thing to do would be to see a film in the cinema to kill some time. A nice long one. Fortunately, Hobbit 3 had quite a few showings.

After the film, we did a bit of shopping and spent a couple of gift vouchers. The place was still massively crowded, but when we left, the car park was emptying and the roads were much clearer, which made the final leg of the journey a bit nicer.

We were still exhausted though, which meant a Sunday intended for lazing. Only it never works out like that, does it? Instead, my car battery decided to break, so the Boyfriend spent the day chasing round trying to fix it. Meanwhile, I had to try and sort the carnage of Christmas out and get the house looking somewhere back to normal. I write this at five o’clock on Sunday, feeling thoroughly worn out and only halfway to tidiness. But that’s what Christmas is all about!!


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