5 Things I Got For Christmas

Christmas is done and dusted for another year. The presents are unwrapped, the mince pies eaten, and I’m just about recovering from my christmas dinner coma. Here are five things I got for christmas:

1. New Bedding for the New Room

We actually got this before christmas, but the Boyfriend’s mother kindly provided us with a brand new duvet, pillows and covers for the new bedroom. It’s been heavenly sleeping in our new room, made particularly luxurious and wonderful by this generous gift!

2. A Daryl Dixon T-shirt

I knew I was getting this, because it was on Qwertee and I lamented that I couldn’t justify buying it. Fortunately, Taylor stepped in and got it me for Christmas. She even left the Haribo in for me.

3. Lock Laces

These are elastic laces for trainers that you can tighten and loosen really quickly – essential gear for the budding triathlete! Mum bought me these, and also a book about how to train for a triathlon that I will be reading from cover to cover very soon.

4. New Slippers

Another gift from the Boyfriend’s mother – we both got a brand new pair of slippers. It was just in time, too, as the temperature dropped on Christmas day and I needed something to keep my toes warm.

5. A Yoga Ball

From Charlie, who is much amused by my love for Yoga, and by how bad I am at it, and got me an inflatable yoga ball to try to help my poses!


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