Weekly Round Up #21

Weekly Round Up #21 (15/12-21/12)

The final week of the Boyfriend’s training before christmas break, and my final full week at work started with a works Christmas dinner, which was lovely. The food was reasonable for the price we paid, and the company was good. It’s so strange to think that it’s been four months since I started working in my current roll, and already I’m leaving it behind.

Big change is a recurring theme at the moment, with a new bedroom also a focus. I spent much of the rest of the week alternating between Yoga and decorating. I’ve painted skirting boards, cleaned the room ready for carpet, hoovered the new carpet repeatedly, hung curtains and finally moved the bed in on Saturday ready for our first night.

When I think that it’s gone from looking like this:


To this:


…in a matter of weeks, it really helps me to remember that, despite the fact that there’s still lots to do, we are really making progress on this house and turning into a beautiful place to share together.


We also did a festive Parkrun, during which I got a very unexpected PB for the course. Not my best 5k time ever, but it’s one of my less favoured courses, so I’m pleased to show any improvement on it, but particularly pleased to have improved while hampered by a sweaty santa hat! The Boyfriend was an excellent help on the final lap (he’s normally not the kindest motivator!) and definitely encouraged me to take a few seconds off my time.

We also had the pleasure of my godfather, Kirk’s company. Which meant Christmas Dinner Round 2, a game of The Logo Board Game – in which he beat reigning champion Mum – and a delicious cheese and wine night.

I have two days left at work at time of writing, which is going to be a real drag, as I’m feeling thoroughly festive and ready for the Christmas holidays. The thought of having to get up to go to work for two more days is very strange. But, it’s the last two days of that job ever, so I must make the most of them!


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