Review: Wooden Heart by Dave McCluskey

wooden heartTitle: Wooden Heart

Author: Dave McCluskey, art by Leosaysays

Series: N/A

Genre: Horror Comic

Summary (from Dammaged Comics website)

Set over two time zones, Wooden Heart tells the story of Detective Philip Finn as he struggles to make sense of a series of bizarre deaths.

Disappearances from small villages in the 1800′s are somehow linked with what is happening in modern day New york, and Finn must somehow piece together evidence to find an answer to the strange mystery.

As he battles his strong sence of deja vu, and his mild OCD, dark forces and ancient curses surface.


I’m not a big comic reader, but after meeting Dave at Comic Con, Taylor decided to treat herself to a copy of Wooden Heart, and she kindly let me borrow it.

Wooden Heart is a standalone story that jumps back and forth in time between two incidents of gory murder. It doesn’t pull its punches in the art work, depicting the grisly deaths of the characters in a very detailed and clear way. The horror mostly came from these shock value scenes, rather than a creeping sense of unease – the story was too short to really build up any tension between the introduction of the concept and the discovery and defeat of the villain.

The story itself was pretty good though, with some interesting ideas about the nature of curses, and a nice little twist to the tale in the final panel. It was clear and easy to follow – which I sometimes find an issue in comics, but probably wouldn’t bother more devoted fans of the medium. If anything, my biggest criticism would be that there wasn’t all that much to it. The story took me less than twenty minutes to read, and that’s with looking through all the pictures. Written out, the script wouldn’t be very long at all. Which is a nice criticism in a way, because it means I would have liked to have spent more time with the characters and in the world. The villain in particular was interesting and could have been explored in much greater depth.

But, as it stands it’s an enjoyable little yarn with some pretty grisly artwork that I really liked.

Rating: 4/5


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