5 Christmas Traditions

My family is the sort that has lots of crazy traditions tacked on to all the regular sorts that accompany holidays. Christmas and New Year have some particularly good ones.

1. Brussel Sprout Baseball

Because no one actually likes Brussel Sprouts, right? Take one obligatory stalk of Brussel Sprouts, pull off all the Brussels and proceed to belt them across the garden with the now bare stalk. Much better than eating them, and according to Mum, good stress relief when cooking Christmas dinner.

2. Double Dip Christmas Dinner

When your parents and your parents in law live two doors down, not seeing both on Christmas day is kind of out of the question. Then they both have so much delicious christmas food around, it’s hard not to partake. I’ve had two christmas dinners for about 5 years now…

3. New Pyjamas

Mum usually buys us new pyjamas for christmas – though she admits she’s struggled to find any nice ones this year. The idea is to have a shiny new set to wear all day on christmas and usually Boxing Day too.

4. DVD Shaped Boxes

It’s a running joke in our family that we get most excited about DVD shaped boxes. I remember when we were younger, and my younger siblings always went for the largest boxes in the communal present pile, while I happily hoarded the DVD shaped boxes. Ever since then, every DVD shaped box has been giggled at.

5. Table Presents

Mum always gets a table present for the meal that everyone has together. These are usually some bit of absolute rubbish – but entertaining rubbish. One year we had these magnetic flying saucers. I still have a tiara somewhere from another year. There’s nothing more exciting than getting table presents – and my youngest siblings are fast learning to get excited about them too.


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