Weekly Round Up #20

Weekly Round Up #20 (08/12 – 14/12)

This week has been a week of social engagements and once again being very busy.

As Carole Heidi’s other half was also away this week, we had a pizza get together on Tuesday, during which we mostly pretended to do some work while having a really good catch up. Then on Thursday, I caught up with an old work friend, who I hadn’t seen since changing my job. It was great to see her, and lovely to know that there are people in my life who I can not see for months and catch up with like it’s only been a few days.

Then at the weekend, some friends of Mum’s were up for a christmas visit, which meant consuming christmas dinner number one (it was delicious) and generally hanging out and catching up again.

I feel like my entire quota of socialising for the whole month has been taken up this week (I’m not overly social, in case you hadn’t guessed) and it definitely left me feeling more exhausted than usual. I think I’m getting to the point where I need a good break as well, which is good, because with Christmas just around the corner, I have nearly two whole weeks off coming up. I’m looking forwards to some rejuvenation and relaxation, as well as a couple of crazy projects I have coming up.

On Sunday, we topped off a lovely week with a christmas fun run around out home town. I put in a pretty good time for me, especially considering I wasn’t setting out to break any personal records, which made me feel really good (about five minutes after I finished) and the hot mince pie I was given afterwards was a delicious reward!

It’s definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas round here, and I’m really looking forwards to lots more festive fun!


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