Auna Air 300 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

IMG_1555Auna Air 300 Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

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I’ve never invested in a pair of headphones beyond my running ones, always sticking with the multitude of free iPod/iPhone headphones I’ve acquired over the years.

I don’t normally use those because they’re so annoying – I hate the feeling of them in my ears, find them very uncomfortable, and dislike how they fall out all the time and how the wires get tangled with your limbs when you try to do anything. My running ones are even worse, regularly strangling me as the wire gets tangled, stretching my ears uncomfortably with the hooks they use to stay on.

Then Beats came out, and I thought they were a really good idea, but so ugly and expensive. I really didn’t want to put them on my head, and would never have felt comfortable wearing them outside.

Which is where these Auna Air headphones are just perfect, because they do the job of Beats for half the price tag, and in my personal opinion, with twice the style. I know not everyone will agree with me on that one, but I vastly prefer the design of these.

The headphones are comfortable to wear, with a little bit of size adjustment to help get the best fit. The cushioned speakers also adjust a small amount for added comfort. They’re made of that plastic material that isn’t shiny, so they don’t slide quite so readily from your head – though admittedly they don’t stand up to a lot of bending over. I wouldn’t recommend these for exercise outside of the gym, as I don’t think they stay on your head quite well enough for anything likely to jog you around a bit.

The sound quality is perfectly serviceable – better than my laptop and phone speakers that I usually use to listen to audio. You’re certainly getting decent sound quality for the price you’re paying.

The 2.5 hour charge time is about accurate too, and I’ve not worn them out of charge yet after several hours of listening. The ’10m range’ is a little optimistic – I find the sound tends to break up and go crackly if I go more than 5m away, though my phone is much better than my laptop, so it does depend a lot on what device you are connecting to. But then, for what I use them for, I can’t imagine ever needing to be more than a metre or so away from whatever device I’m connected to, so it’s not exactly a huge problem. The headphones remember your devices, and connect to them automatically as long as the bluetooth is on.

Overall, I really, really like these – they’re great for listening to my podcasts and audiobooks. And if orange isn’t your colour (it’s my running club colour, I’m abnormally adjusted to wearing bright orange) they come in a range of different colours.

(I was sent this product free in exchange for an honest review.)


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