5 Things I Want For Christmas

It’s that time of year again. Though I’m far too old now to be writing lists to Santa, there are a few things I’ll be wishing for this Christmas (and most likely saving up for in the new year!!)

the walking dead1. The Walking Dead Seasons 2-4

I was given Season 1 as a leaving present when I quit my job. My friend told my colleagues it’s what I would want. She was right. They were… bemused, I think. I don’t think any of them knew I was a zombie enthusiast.

After watching the first half of Season 5, I’m keen to watch the whole lot again, so Seasons 2-4 are on the wish list. Especially as Season 2 is when Daryl Dixon started getting really hot. Chain watching Walking Dead does make me start imagining zombies are everywhere (nothing like chain watching a series for total immersion in the world) but I look forwards to the days when I’m jumping at shadows and seeing zombies in the darkness again.

2. An iPadipad5_2

This is one of those things where I don’t really know what I would use it for – I only know that they have great potential with creative projects. I’d have to buy one to find out, but I can’t justify the price, in case it’s not worth it, in case I don’t really use it for anything that I can’t do on my computer.

But I do really want one. If I won the lottery tomorrow… Well, it probably wouldn’t be top of my list, but it would definitely be up there after the champagne and the new car and trip round the world etc.

auto_duplex_print3. A Duplex Printer

My printer currently spits out smoke when I print anything, which makes me a tad wary. It’s also very old and only prints on one side. Which, when printing out manuscripts, is a bad thing. They are lots of unwieldy pages. It would save the environment, and save me from pulling my hair out.

4. A Decent Free Christmas Soft Porn Booka white hot christmas

This one I will actually get, but the decency (in the quality sense, not the dirty sense) of the story could vary (although, I suppose the other kind of decency could vary too). I hope we get one that’s both good and bad in the proper cheesy free soft porn way. Charlie and I do love a bit of shared christmas reading and giggle.

Last year’s offering was perfect – short, cheesy and pretty ridiculous. It took about half an hour to read and it was incredibly entertaining. This year’s offering has quite a high bar to reach.

The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_cover5. Skyrim

My actual christmas present this year is a new Playstation. After our seven year old one finally died a death this year, we saved up for three months to buy a new one. So, we got it before Christmas, but it’s our christmas present to each other. I’m already 65% through Lego Batman, and looking forwards to playing a few other games over the Christmas period. When we get enough stuff to sell off as part of our Bargain Games Club (Come on, Taylor, you are so far behind now! Need to catch up :P) I really want to get Skyrim. I got Oblivion with the first Playstation as part of the package deal, and it would be nicely timed to get Skyrim at long last to go with the new one! Just need to finish a couple of Assassin’s Creeds and some more Lego games to save up the funds to buy it now!!


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