Weekly Round Up #19

Weekly Round Up #18 (01/12 – 07/12)

This week was the first week the Boyfriend was spending away training for his new job. I was worried that I’d find it really hard to adjust, but I made sure I was keeping busy every day, and that made the week fly by.

After running club on Monday, I went round Mum’s to watch the Walking Dead mid-season finale and eat haloumi mushroom burgers, which was a lovely way to finish the half season and to start my week on my own.

For the rest of the week, I’ve been trying to get on with projects – both writing and DIY. I’ve spent time catching up on blogging, doing the DIY jobs, trying to keep on top of the cleaning and putting up the Christmas Tree. A little early, I know, but I was getting fed up of the bags of presents everywhere. So now they are all wrapped and put under the tree and it looks lovely and Christmassy, giving me a bit of cheer on the lonely nights.

On Wednesday I went christmas shopping with Carole Heidi, sampling the food at an Italian restaurant we hadn’t eaten at before. It was a lovely and much welcomed girly date, followed by a brainstorming session for our Augurdale project so I can start to get it into shape following the NaNoWriMo chaos of writing as much as I could with no particular attention to order and cohesion.

I’ve also been reading up a lot on self publishing, and getting excited about what lies ahead for the project. Between that and trying to complete Lego Batman 2, I’ve been kept plenty busy!

The Boyfriend arrived home with plenty of homework to do. I bought a load of bananas for 9p and did some cooking with Mum, then spent the day with Taylor, who’s briefly home from Uni. Then Sunday was spent painting while the Boyfriend completed online modules for his course. Between all this, we have managed to watch a film or two together and actually have half a conversation. I’ll be glad in two weeks time when we both break for Christmas though!


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