Review: Oz Naturals Professional Moisturising Serum

oz naturals greenOz Naturals Professional Moisturising Serum
5% Hyaluronic Acid Serum + Vitamin C

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I’m not exactly the most discerning when it comes to face products. Usually, I use whatever I’ve been bought for Christmas. My previous favourite face cream was a £1.29 pot from Boots that I liked because it smelled of cucumber. My mum won 10,000 Boots points in a competition once. She offered me anything in the shop and I asked for £1.29 face cream.

Basically, I suck at being a girl.

Here are some things I do know, though:

  • I have very oily skin. Exacerbated by the fact that I wear glasses. If my nose isn’t greasy, it’s because I just got out of the bath or washed my face. Using any sort of cream can make this worse.
  • The sort of exercise I like can make my skin worse. Being out in all weathers running is good for the healthy glow, but can leave my skin feeling rough. This is going to be even worse when I start swimming regularly in January.
  • I’m frequently dehydrated, despite my best attempts to drink loads of water, and this can also leave my skin lacklustre.

I do not know what Hyaluronic Acid is. I’ll admit, I was a little scared to put it on my face. It sounded a little abrasive.

The first thing you notice about the serum, though, is that it’s very gentle. The serum looks like it ought to be greasy, but a tiny amount smooths over the whole face and leaves the skin feeling very clean. It’s not like regular moisturiser that can leave you feeling sticky – the serum is light, soaks quickly into the skin and leaves you feeling fresh.

I really like that it uses only natural products – it smells good, but isn’t overpoweringly perfumed, and with ingredients like Aloe and Witch Hazel, you know it’s going to do wonders for your skin.

The box promises that it will plump and hydrate dull, dry skin. My skin may not be dry, but it’s certainly feeling more plump and hydrated after several days of use. It’s noticeably softer and smoother, without any extra greasiness.

The price tag is one that would have made me balk a little – currently £12.49 on Amazon – especially when seeing the size of the bottle. But, to be fair, I’ve been using it for over a week – including offering it to several family members for their opinions (all positive, by the way) – and because you only need the tiniest amount, I’ve hardly used any. I imagine, used once a day, the bottle would last maybe three or four months, which makes £12.49 seem like a bargain.

Overall, a really nice product that has left my skin feeling great.

(I was sent this product for free in exchange for an honest review)


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