5 Things I’ll Miss While The Boyfriend Is Away

So the Boyfriend has a new job, and part of that job is training away from home for 16 weeks. I have him at the weekend, and for a fortnight over Christmas, but until April we are essentially not living together.

We’ve lived together on and off since I was nineteen, and all the time since I finished Uni, aged 21. So I’m very used to having him around, and as much as I’ll join in the jokes about having the TV to myself, having some peace and quiet etc. I do, and will continue to really miss him while he’s away. Particularly these things.

1. Having someone to snuggle up with

This will become less of an issue as the days go on, but during these cold, long winter nights, I’ll really miss having someone to snuggle up with. Our house isn’t too bad in terms of cold, and we have a really good thermal duvet, but there’s nothing quite like the warmth of someone else’s body whether you’re in bed or under a blanket watching bad movies.

2. Having someone to talk to

Yes, I can call him up, and my family live just down the road, but the house seems awfully quiet without someone else’s noise filling the place. Talking about nothing and everything is one of the best things about knowing someone so well and it’s just not the same when you aren’t in a room together.

3. Hearing him laugh at something he’s watching in the other room

The Boyfriend has a crazy fondness for stupid Youtube videos. I made the mistake of reminding him about Fenton the dog the other day, and he’s rewatched it and laughed just as hard as he did the first time. He has a wonderful mischievous giggle that’s completely at odds with the very sensible attitude he has most of the time, and it always puts a big smile on my face to hear the sound of him laughing his head off to the dog barking the Game of Thrones theme tune.

4. Making him porridge

We have a little morning routine where he gets a bath and I make porridge downstairs. It sounds daft, and very domesticated, but it’s one of those things I just like doing for him.

5. His Playstation hypocrisy

“You’ve been playing on the playstation for six hours,” he says, twenty minutes after I’ve turned it on. “You’ll overheat it and break it like the last one.”

So I agree to turn it off, mostly because it’s not worth the argument. About ten minutes later, he decides to play COD.

I have the playstation to myself for sixteen weeks, but I’ll still miss his attempts at ‘manipulation’ to get me out of the way so he can play on ‘his’ playstation (that I bought with my money…)

Here’s hoping the next sixteen weeks are full of busy and fun times so the nights don’t feel too long without him 🙂 x


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