Weekly Round Up #18

Weekly Round Up #18 (24/11 – 30/11)

The final week of NaNo – and with about 10,000 words to catch up, it was always going to be a manic one. Especially as I had three out of the 7 days already taken up with other stuff. But a little elbow grease and dedication meant I got there in the end on Saturday, with one day to spare. So 2,500 words were back story that are likely to be cut and turned into ‘bonus material’… it got it done!

I managed to find time in the week to go to the local cinema to see Gone Girl. What a horrible film. Good, and thought provoking. But I wasn’t thrilled about being on my own in the house for two hours after watching it.

The Boyfriend worked his last shift and had a leaving do. He’s had a couple now, with one more to go in a week or so (it’s the Christmas do, which is why it’s a while after he actually leaves – these other ‘leaving dos’ have been for people who can’t make that one) and the fact that he’s leaving to start something new is really starting to feel real. We’ve been packing for him, programming the satnav, finding swimming timetables in the local area. I’m going to miss him enormously, but have a plan to be disciplined about how I spend my time to keep me productive and motivated and preventing excessive moping. We’ll see how well that’s going by the time this posts!!

Saturday was spent with friends, watching bad movies, playing Lego Batman and eating pizza. It was a welcome respite from the writing (though I did have to do a bit of that afterwards) and nice to spend some time with actual people following a month of concerning myself mostly with the imaginary variety.

November feels at once like it’s gone on forever, and passed in an instant. I can’t believe it’s December, and I’m really excited to start work on the NaNo project to whip it into shape. I’ll tell you all about what I’ve been up to next week.


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