Round Up Catch Up (Weeks #16 and #17)

Round Up Catch Up Weeks #16 and #17 (10/11 – 23/11)

This was going to be the only post I actually kept up during NaNo, but with typical NaNo style, I failed at even that. So here’s a brief overview of what I got up to in these two lost weeks.

Writing. Lots of it.

And babysitting – Mum was off for an adventure with some Un friends, so I took care of the smallest two siblings. It was…mostly fun. Until my brother pooed himself. It’s a good job I’m not squeamish!

I also got the chance to go and see some of my Uni friends. They were doing a production of The Falcon’s Malteaser by Anthony Horowitz, so the Boyfriend, Carole Heidi, her boyfriend and I went on a trip to the theatre to go see their play. And I’m not being biased when I say it was fabulous – really inventive interpretation of the material, great humour, and a few musical interludes for good measure. It was great to see them doing so well, and to have the chance to catch up with them briefly afterwards. If you get the chance to see anything by New Old Friends, definitely take it!

The Boyfriend has been busy finishing the last of his shifts at his current job. He starts training on the 1st of December, and it’s gone unbelievably fast. He’ll be away for 16 weeks, so I’m not really looking forwards to it – but I’m really happy that he’s going to be embarking on a new challenge. He’s had a few days off to use up, so he’s been busy about the house getting the decorating of our spare room moving. We spent the weekend painting the skirting boards and ceiling with help from his Mum. She’s buying us curtains and bedding for christmas, so we’re hoping to be in the new room soon. Very exciting!


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