Weekly Round Up #15

Weekly Round Up #15 (03/11 – 09/11)

This week has been both a disappointment and a brilliant week.

I had a couple of days off work, and a grand plan to go to the cinema, and eat out with the Boyfriend. Then he got man flu.

I jest, but he wasn’t well. Full of cold, tired from not sleeping properly, he wasn’t good company, and just wanted to be in bed. So our date was cancelled, but I’d booked a table, and really wanted to rescue the evening, so I invited Mum out instead. We went to Chiquitos and had some tacos. We then went to Ivy’s pub and had pudding and Mum got a pint of her favourite local beer.

It was a great evening of chatting, getting things off our chests and sharing in our struggles and worries. We’re both going through periods of huge change in our lives – new jobs, potentially moving house – and airing some of the worries was very cathartic. And to help us deal, we’ve decided to set ourselves a new challenge – we’re going to be doing a Triathlon next May.

A little tricky – I haven’t got a bike, and neither of us can swim – but we’re looking forwards to the challenge.

The second frustration of the week was that I’d book one of the days off deliberately to see my Grandparents, who were supposed to be visiting my mum. At the last minute they changed their plans, so the day I’d booked off specially was now defunct. I had a few other things to do, and was planning on going shopping, but the Boyfriend was still not best, so we rain checked that for Saturday.

On Saturday, we finally got our time together. We got the Boyfriend some desperately needed new clothes, then went to pick up the new car the Boyfriend has bought to commute to his new job. He’s been without his own car for a long time now, and I’m pleased that he finally has himself a sensible, but nice car he can use. Things are moving forwards, and the future is looking very exciting from here!

NaNoWriMo Progress

At time of writing, it’s day 13. I haven’t written anything today, but that’s next on the agenda. After a really good run a couple of days ago, I actually got far enough ahead of schedule to not write anything today and get away with it, but I’m keen to keep my buffer – especially as I’m running out of places I can jump forwards to in the plot, and need to start doing the necessary, but much harder tying together of the set pieces.

Going strong, though, and it’s looking good that I might manage to finish!


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