Weekly Round Up #14

Weekly Round Up #14 (27/10 – 02/11)

 A slightly late weekly round up this week because things have been predictably hectic with NaNo.

In fact, the 27th October already feels so long ago, it was hard to remember what I was up to back then.

It was an incredibly slow week at work – I still work for education, but in a support capacity, and the fact that all schools were out for half term meant I had little to do, which didn’t leave me feeling great, but did give me plenty of time to think about my NaNo project.

The 31st meant Hallowe’en celebrations at my mother’s house. Charlie was back from boarding school with a friend and Taylor and Mr T were home from Uni, so it was a pretty full house. We didn’t stay very late, as the Boyfriend had to be up early the next morning, but it was lovely to get into the spooky spirit and set off some fireworks. And eat cake, of course.

Then on Saturday Mum and I went to a poetry reading. We arrived quite late, but with at least an hour of scheduled time left, so we were a bit surprised when things rounded up pretty quickly after we got there, but I did get to read my poem, which received a very big round of applause. Poetry is really not my forte, so this was lovely for me.

Sunday saw the culmination of our efforts at Pop Up choir – a performance in front of a packed audience at the Methodist church. We sang our hearts out and only mimed the one bar in the Hallelujah Chorus that we couldn’t ever work out how to do. The audience seemed to appreciate our amateur hour vibe and everyone had a really good time. It was lovely to engage with the community in such an unusual way, and I look forwards to ‘popping up’ again as was threatened at our final rehearsal!

NaNoWriMo Progress

At time of writing, not time of round up, it is Day 9 of NaNoWriMo. My target for the end of the day is 15,000 words. I’m a tiny bit behind par at 12,794, when I should have been at 13,333 yesterday, but it’s 600 words. I’m not too worried about catching that up. So far things have been going pretty well, but bitty. I’m jumping around in the narrative a lot – mostly because I have a plan, but I know it’s not going to work, and as yet I’m not sure how to resolve the bit that’s the problem. Everything that happens afterwards is fine, but it’s this one key moment that sets the characters on a certain path. And my current idea for it is a bit naff. So I’m writing the scenes I’m pretty confident will end up in the final cut, and though they are all out of order and will need serious editing to pull into line, they are shaping up nicely.

I just need a good brain storm I think – and may take a lunch break or something to do that in the week. For today, it’s cracking on with the words to get back on (and hopefully over) par.


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