Weekly Round Up #13

Weekly Round Up #13 (20/10 – 26/10)

I’ve been working hard on getting on top of things ahead of NaNo (which at time of writing is still a week away, but at time of posting is tomorrow. Help!) which has meant lots of writing and reading this week. The Boyfriend has been on the late shifts, which I’ve tried to take advantage of, rather than mope about, by getting blog posts done, writing articles, reading through some of my backlog of books, ready to start November with a clean slate.

Which was the perfect excuse to invite Carole Heidi round to get some work done on our Augurdale (autocorrect, stop autocorrecting that to Augural, thank you very much) project. Which also meant cake and custard. After struggling to eat more than 1200 calories for about a week, it was lovely to go 1000+ calories over on my calorie counter – which equalled about 400 calories over RDA. I know it’s not good for the diet, but it’s nice to know I’m feeling better! I always worry when I lose my appetite, because I so rarely lose my appetite.

On Friday I had Charlie round to do some singing – throat’s a bit raw from the cold, but I croaked my way through a few tunes with her, and then we had a go at doing some composing. I love how Charlie can take my incredibly inadequate descriptions (I know what I want, I just don’t have the vocabulary to express it) and turn it into the beginning of a beautiful piece of music. I hope she finishes it, because I’d love to do some recording and music video making and stuff like that again. It’s been too long!

This weekend, it was time for Cross Country take two. I couldn’t possibly do worse than I did last time, so that was a confidence boosting position to start from! It was a tough course, quite hilly – but not so grassy as the last one, which gave my lungs a better chance. There was one boggy bit which well and truly christened my trail shoes, and I managed to finish in 37:37, which considering the terrain, the fact that it was over actually 3.3 miles, not 3.1, and my general running fails of late, I was really pleased with! My legs were tender the next day, so I knew I’d worked hard. I worked hard cleaning off the mud too…



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