NaNo’s Starting!

It’s that time of year again – fill your desk draw with highly sugary snacks, crack out the padlock for the office and tell your friends you might emerge in a month or so, blinking in confusion at that strange orb in the sky that shines and emits light.

Yes, it’s nearly November, which means it’s NaNo time.

I’ve documented my love for NaNo on here before. I’ve ‘won’ twice. Once properly, once with mild cheating. This year, I’m not intending to write 50,000 words (though I will probably allow myself to get sucked in) but to use NaNo and the enthusiasm it generates to help propel me forward in the Augurdale project I’m currently undertaking with Carole Heidi.

Which will definitely involve plenty of putting words on paper, but will also involve making web content, planning stuff, and getting lots of preparation type jobs done, ready to start pushing the project out into the world a little more.

Which means the blog may be a little less busy than usual – certainly the amount of reading I do will decrease significantly, as I’ll be spending my spare moments writing. My half hour lunch break – which I currently use to read – is a perfect slot to get 500 odd words down, for instance.

And I know from experience that banking 500 words when you can is the way to win NaNo. Capitalising on the momentum when you have it is essential, and I’m often tired when I get home, or need to cook or run or do a multitude of other things. During my lunch break, I will literally have nothing better to do!

It’s very exciting, and I’m looking forwards to the project taking on a more padded out shape. It’s looking a little skeletal at the moment – hopefully by the end of November, it will have a much fuller figure.

See you at the finish line!


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