The Problem With Giant Books

I set out this month to finish off a load of books that I’ve been reading for ages.

I haven’t.

I’ve read quite a lot, and finished one or two of the books I intended to, but the two main culprits are still sat on my desk – one stubbornly half way through, the other barely started.

The problem? Both of them are massive. 1000 page epics. Which is not so much a problem in terms of ‘I’ll get bored’ – I like long stories, and I like spending lots of time with characters and plots I enjoy. The problem is twofold. One, they break my hands when I read them, and two, they’re impractical to take anywhere.

I read a lot on my lunch break, and it’s a great way to get through books rapidly. I flew through Otherworld Nights and The 100 because I could stick them in my handbag, pick them up at work, read for half an hour (which at my pace is plenty of pages worth) every day, and because they aren’t overly long, I was done with both in a couple of days.

The giant books don’t fit in my handbag unless I balance them precariously. And if I do that, I’m worried it’s going to damage something inside, or the bag itself. And I feel ridiculous.

I’m going to solve this problem by leaving one of the massive books at work in my desk drawer. If it will fit, which is a bit of an if – my drawers are more like intrays, and not huge. That way, it will be there for me to pick through every day, and hopefully get finished sooner rather than later.

Because I know myself, and I know that as long as there are thinner, easier to manage books around, I’m not going to pick up the two massive ones, because it’s too much hassle to hold them. Ridiculous, I know, but we each have our reading quirks!


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