5 Things I Love About The Walking Dead

THE WALKING DEAD IS BACK! Okay, it’s been back a couple of weeks now, but I had posts scheduled up already, this was my first free slot.

I love The Walking Dead, it’s my favourite TV Show. It’s not as good as Game of Thrones, but I still love it more. Here’s five reasons why:

1. Zombies

I love zombies. They are one of my favourite supernatural creatures. Hungry for brains, creepy as all hell, but also slow and clumsy and therefore a smart protagonist can survive them without having to be a total superhero. I also love how they are infinitely more dangerous in numbers, and how the bite turns you into one, meaning the danger is never far away, even when you think you’re safe. It’s just great story telling fodder.

2. Challenging Moments

I’ve often stated that one of my favourite TV moments is when Sayid shot baby Ben in LOST. It was such a brave, shocking moment. The Walking Dead does this sort of thing over and over again. I mean, The Grove. That episode. Messed up in the extreme, but also emotional and understandable and horrific because you couldn’t help feeling you’d probably end up doing the same. And though The Grove is a standout moment for me, there are loads of moments like it in previous episodes. Shocking character deaths, horrible emotional moments, and that constant question of ‘would I be any different in the circumstance?’

3. Special Effects

While sometimes they miss the mark – what the hell was that plastic doll that was meant to be a face the zombie was chomping on in the Series 5 opener? – the effects are generally incredible. The Zombie makeup is insanely good, and I love how they’re always pushing the boundaries – waterlogged zombies, swamp zombies, burning zombies, tree zombies. It just never gets boring. I get the sense the art department are having the time of their lives working on this show.

4. Incredible Characters

While some peripheral characters are a little cardboard cutoutish (Hello, cannon fodder), the central cast of characters are great, and they’ve had some brilliant development over the series. I’m remembering particularly Hershel’s quiet bravery as he helped all the sick people in season 4 (though it did give me the feeling his days were numbered), Carol’s transformation from nervous wreck to utter badass, the way everyone used to be terrified of the zombies, and now they barely even flinch, that one episode where Michonne was walking through the woods with her zombie double and you realised how far she’d come.

It’s sadly getting to the point now where the central group are so developed and so integral to my enjoyment, that if any were killed off now, it would be a huge blow. They did the ultimate ‘killing off an important character’ in the middle of series 4 – a blow, yes, but it was one you could reconcile, particularly with the direction the current series appears to be taking. The guys left? I don’t know what I’d do if they killed them off. Good job they keep introducing characters like Tara and Abraham that they can throw in the direction of the hungry zombies!

5. Daryl Dixon

Need I say more?

Daryl Dixon

(you’re very welcome)


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