Weekly Round Up #12

Weekly Round Up #12 (13/10 – 19/10)

This week has been a week of trying to get back into running. After my illness, and Mum taking a tumble off a pavement, we weren’t in fit shape to be going anywhere far or fast, but I needed to get out. My mental state can be fragile, particularly if I’m not feeling well, and having had a brush with anxiety, I really didn’t want to go there again. I knew I needed to hit the road.

So on Wednesday, we went for a very slow, very wet two miles around the streets near Mum’s house. It wasn’t pretty. My chest was tight, and I didn’t quite trust my heart not to break under the strain. It was hard to believe we’d been able to run 13.1 miles.

It did make me feel better though, leaving me with only a loss of appetite to contend with. Which, incidentally, has helped me lose 4lbs in a week, though I’m sure to not keep that pace going now I’m hungry again!

On Saturday, we went for a ParkRun at Telford. It went better than Wednesday’s run, but it still wasn’t pretty. I struggled. My stomach gave me some pain, and because I was tensing, I then got really bad stitch, meaning I nearly collapsed in agony less than 300m from the finishing line. My Step Dad nearly had to carry me over, but I was determined to finish on my own, and I did. In nearly 36 minutes. Still not as slow as my slowest, but not great. I’m hoping to tackle it again at full strength in a couple of weeks and smash that time, as the Boyfriend would say.

Charlie is back for her half term, which is nice – it’s good to have her back from boarding school. I babysat the little ones for Mum while she went to pick Charlie up. The Boyfriend may protest that he doesn’t like children, but he does have a lovely relationship with my little brother and sister. Although they were pretty much in bed by the time he arrived, they were plenty excited to see him, and it always makes me smile to see that.


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