Podcasts I Listen To Part #3

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TEDTalks_VIDEO_600pxTed Talks

Usually no longer than 20 minutes, the TED Talks provide you with still in-depth and interesting information on a range of topics. From lighthearted examinations of language, to explorations of alternative methods for producing medicines, TED Talks cover literally anything and everything.

I really enjoy hearing experts talk passionately about the things they love and feel strongly about. Some of the talks are funny, some informative, others a bit scary, but I always feel like I’ve learned something each time.

Escape PodEscapePod

A weekly dose of science fiction goodness. I do find the quality of the stories varies quite a lot, but I haven’t heard a terrible one yet – and when they’re good, they’re amazing.

I like the format of the show – hearing the feedback about previous episodes not only gives you the chance to relive the story, but it’s almost like having a discussion with a community – without the effort of having to go on the actual forums, which isn’t my sort of thing!

UnknownWalking Dead TV Podcast

I love The Walking Dead, and I knew when I started watching it obsessively that just watching it wasn’t going to be enough. So I started looking for Podcasts. There were several, and I have a couple still on my podcast list, waiting for me to finish listening through the backlogs of other podcasts before I start listening to them. But it was this one that I started listening to first, and I wasn’t disappointed.

The panel give in-depth discussion of the episodes, as well as providing you with a load of background info and interviews with cast and crew members, and kept me going in the long weeks between episodes.

Dead Robots SocietyUnknown-1

Another one discovered when looking for podcasts about writing. I haven’t actually listened to it for a while – I’m working through the backlogs of several podcasts, and this is  next on the list.

It’s a panel discussion show about different writing related topics, by and for aspiring writers. It’s nice to hear the trials and tribulations of other writers and not feel quite so alone in the process!

The Writing ShowWS cs1

This podcast had actually finished before I even started listening to it. I’m currently listening to the 2007 episodes, which means a few are pretty out of date (I skip the episodes about ebooks, for instance) but a lot of the advice is timeless, and I really like the different guests that they have on.

It’s one of the few shows where they have writers of non-fiction as well as fiction. It might not be what I want to do, but the advice provides you with different insights, and all of it is relevant, no matter what your genre.



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