Five of my Favourite Things About Autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived – the fire has been on, the heating set and I’ve even had cause to wear my coat. Autumn is my favourite season, and here are five reasons why.

1. Misty Mornings

I love the look of mist as the sun rises – equal parts spooky and beautiful. I don’t mean fog, the sort that’s a thick soup and makes driving precarious, but the kind of wispy mist that settles over the fields.

2. Lighting the Fire

The Boyfriend does love his log burner – he cleans it, builds up the fire ready to light, and then when the temperature drops low enough it’s ready to go. I love sitting in our living room and enjoying the warmth and the beauty of the fire. It’s really cozy and perfect for those chilly autumn evenings.

3. Tucking up Under a Blanket to Read

I read all the time, but there’s something about autumn days that makes it somehow more permissible to wrap up in a blanket with a hot water bottle and read. I love it when the wind is howling, the leaves blowing around, and I’m warm and cozy and a million miles away on other worlds, having great adventures.

4. The Colours

Autumn colours are my favourite. I love the dramatic blends of red, orange and yellow as the leaves start to turn. There’s something about the bright autumn sunshine that makes everything look even better, and I’m looking forwards to running on a few crisp autumn mornings very soon.

5. Hot Chocolate

I do enjoy a hot chocolate – it’s the only hot drink I like. And there are plenty of excuses for it as the evenings cool and the colder weather starts to pick up. There’s something really relaxing about sitting down with a hot chocolate, topped with a bit of cream, and warming your chilly fingers on the mug.


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