C is for ‘Cheesy Romance’


Cheesy Romance’

Though I love deep exploration of complex themes, engaging ideas, expertly drawn characters – there comes a time when you just want to read something easy and feel good.

When that time comes, I always head for the Amazon Kindle Top 100 Free Romance Books list.

My Kindle is still full of these sorts of books that I’ve never got round to reading, but I have a folder for them, and every so often I choose one to read. They’re usually short, mostly an hour or two’s worth of reading, and are usually self-published. They aren’t very good – mostly the sort of thing you don’t remember ten minutes later, let alone six months later.

I could pretty much tell you the story of all of them in three sentences: Hot man meets young woman with self esteem issues. Sex happens after some mishap/misunderstanding. They all live happily ever after.

There’s nothing that’s going to challenge, but that’s the point. It’s great to switch off your brain, cleanse your reading palate, and just enjoy something.


I’m a particular fan of the wish-fulfillment ones where a waitress is pursued and romanced by a billionaire who’s utterly captivated by her for *insert reason here*. I pretty much laugh my head off all the way through reading them, but that’s enjoyment. Particularly because my sister reads them too, and loves to talk about the plot ins and outs, such as they are, and the sometimes laugh out loud funny sex scenes.

I know it’s not quite the enjoyment authors of these books are looking for, but in my own way, I do love these books. They aren’t great literature, but not everything has to be. Variety is the spice of life and all that.


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