Weekly Round Up #10

Weekly Round Up #9 (29/09 – 05/10)

I can’t believe October has rolled round already. Time goes fast when you’re having fun!

On Monday I ran my last race before the half marathon. After my terrible showing at the cross country, I was glad to run a little better. It gave me my confidence back and made me think that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t collapse halfway through the race on sunday!

The rest of the week was much spent relaxing and trying to get ourselves as rested and ready as possible ahead of the half marathon. The Boyfriend is currently watching the Sopranos season 6 ahead of it being taken off Anytime next weekend, so we watched more than a few episodes of that in between trying to drink plenty of water.

We had the plasterer over the weekend sorting out the spare room – which meant friday night was spent scraping wallpaper to get the room ready. It’s really starting to look nice – okay, it’s a bit of a mess still at the moment, but I’m starting to be able to imagine what it will be like when it’s done. We think we’re going to make it our bedroom, as it’s cosier and will be a nicer room when it’s done. It’s a little smaller than the room we’re currently in, but I’m excited about what we can do with it.

Sunday was the big race. It was a stressful start – not being able to find a parking space, me needing the loo desperately, worrying about missing the bus. But when the race started all that went out of my head and it was fantastic just to enjoy a really beautiful challenging but wonderful event.

I’m hoping for a slower week next week – give my poor aching legs a chance to recover – but the way things are going currently, it’s not likely! No doubt I’ll have plenty to report back on next week 🙂


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