Comic Con Round Up

I’ve already written quite a lot about Comic Con, but I had some pictures that didn’t fit anywhere else, so here they are!


Getting ready – Charlie doing my hair, Mr T looking embarrassed because he had to help. My eyebrows practising their ‘intense’ stance.

P1140249We were basically harassed into posing with these belts and were too embarrassed to say no. The guy you can just see on the left had side was really trying hard to flirt with us. It was hilarious.


A good idea to make us pose with a sign to take a photo with predator, but this ARTS company could have thought it through a little better and done a decent sign!


Bad photo, funny lighting, but these two were adorable. They were up for best costume and we really wanted them to win, but they were beaten by a Borg… It was a good costume, but didn’t have the cute factor, nor the excellent coordination. Plus, that guy actually looks like Khal Drogo.


Obligatory Captain America photo for Mr T…


Photo with Holly from Red Dwarf 🙂


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