Weekly Round Up #9

Weekly Round Up #9 (22/09 – 28/09)

We only have a week left to go to our Half Marathon, and this week brought a blow to my confidence. I was supposed to be running a cross country 5k. I don’t know what happened really – I think it was a combination of setting off too fast, not eating right, difficult terrain and the fact that there was loads of cut grass around, but after a mile, I’d had it.

Like, panic attack, can’t breathe had it.

It was a bit embarrassing, and very disappointing. I’d been looking forwards to it all week, and the thought that it marked the ‘one week to go’ point with the half marathon and I couldn’t even finish 5k was… Disheartening.

Mum said it was one of the toughest races she’d done. I was recovered enough to run the last little bit with her, which was nice – though I did wish I was achieving as much as she did. Running’s like that though – you can run really well one day then not make it a mile the next. I just hope I’ve got enough in my legs to take me 13 next week!

I did learn that this is what you do with these things though - Sunday not entirely wasted

I did learn that this is what you do with these things though – Sunday not entirely wasted

Earlier in the week I went for a lovely meal with Carole Heidi. I’d booked the day off work, and it was nice to spend some time together sans boys and sans children. I’m fond of both the boys and the children, but we girls need our girl time, I think. Our day was cut a little short when Tori was sent home from school poorly, but she was okay, which is the important thing.

Delicious pudding :)

Delicious pudding 🙂

The meal we had was incredibly naughty and indulgent. My particular favourite part was this ‘Share Square’ pudding that combined brownie, apple crumble, toffee pudding and spotted dick in a way that really shouldn’t have worked, but totally did.

In other events, the Boyfriend and I went out for a meal together at the Indian we used to frequent but haven’t been to for a while. It was lovely to spend some time out together, and we had a delicious meal to boot.


And then, because it amused me, the Boyfriend tried to suck up a spider… but was a bit frightened.


He also decided to try on my sister’s fencing mask…


And then to top off a lovely week, there was this:


All in all a pretty good one 🙂


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