Cover Lust #32 – Embassytown

Cover Lust #32 – Embassytown by China Mieville


I’m picking on Embassytown because I happen to be reading it at the moment, but in truth, this entire series of covers is just gorgeous. I love the way they are rustic and paintsplattery (why, yes, that is a word) and how the stark white line divides the image into two connected but entirely different halves. They’re really, really striking – even more so all together.

With Embassytown, it works doubly well, because it’s an accurate representation of the two sides of the titular town. The part inhabited by ‘humans’ and the part belonging to the Ariekei. I don’t know enough about Mieville’s work (Embassytown is the first I’ve read) to know if this idea of duality, of things having two contrasting sides, is a common theme in his work, but the imagery of this series of covers would suggest it is.

I’m really enjoying the book, though it’s very strange – full of big ideas and concepts. I don’t envy the artist with the job of summing all that lot up in a cover, but think whoever did the designs did an incredible job. They are suggestive without being overt, and that works well – you’ll just have to discover the world and the story for yourself.


What covers are you lusting after this week?


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