Weekly Round Up #8

Weekly Round Up #8 (15/09 – 21/09)

This week has been a lot about saying goodbye to Taylor. She’s off to Uni again. Not for long – she’s back again next week for Comic Con – but she’s embarking on her final year of her degree.

They grow up so fast.

So, we had a celebratory dinner at Mum’s. It was, by Mum’s estimation, a disaster. Everyone else thoroughly enjoyed it. We had homemade pizza and curly fries, followed by a fruit crumble. Delicious.

On Friday night, the Boyfriend’s grandfather was down from the North, so we went out for a meal at a local pub called The Sheet Anchor. The food was very overpriced for the quality, and they were seriously tight on the custard with my treacle sponge, but the atmosphere was lovely, and it was nice to spend some time with his family. Even though he’s in a right stressy mood at the moment, for reasons no one can quite divine, including himself, I think.

The outfits for Comic Con are finished. We had a dress rehearsal and didn’t flash our underwear to anyone. We don’t have any weapons – the plan was to make swords and stuff, but the armour took rather more time than we intended. I might knock something together next week, but I don’t want to have really good looking armour and a naff cardboard sword… So it might be a case of pretending we have weapons.

On Sunday the Boyfriend raised some money for a local church by participating in a Silly Vicar run. I was going to do it but had the worst stomach pain ever and decided it probably wasn’t the best idea. Disappointing, but these things happen. You have to listen to your body sometimes.

Lots of exciting things coming up. I’m looking forwards to Comic Con next weekend, and autumn is just around the corner. Which means pretty leaves, Hallowe’en and The Walking Dead.

Everything a girl needs!


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