Weekly Round Up #5

Weekly Round Up (25/08 – 31/08)

It was the Boyfriend’s birthday this week. We went for Chinese on Wednesday and Indian on Friday. Apart from that, it’s not been a terribly busy one.

I really need to remember to take pictures of things in future – I have my phone with me all the time, but I never remember to actually record these moments. Not that the dingy insides of a couple of restaurants would be particularly interesting…

Saturday was a catch up day, then the 5 mile fun run on Sunday. Read as ‘fuuuun’ run. Well, it was much better than last year when I finished it feeling like I was stepping on knives every time I put my left foot down. This time, I twinged my calf muscle. Not a small twinge either, like ‘I can’t straighten my leg’ twinge. It was alright when I was running, but as soon as I stopped, it completely seized, despite my stretching it frequently. By the afternoon, I could barely stand up – which caused lots of amusement for everyone who was near me.

We finished the week with a roast dinner with Taylor and Mr T. We don’t invite people around nearly often enough – largely because we’re very often busy, but also because my cooking skills leave a lot to be desired – and it was really nice to spend an evening with my sister and her boyfriend.


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