Weekly Round Up #3

(Er, oops – this posted earlier, but I hadn’t actually finished it. I meant to un-schedule it so I could finish it now after work, but – my bad – I forgot. So sorry if you’ve read this twice!)

Weekly Round Up (11/08 – 17/08)

This week has been a week of challenging runs and DIY.

Monday saw my mother and I traipsing round a local wood for a five mile ‘run.’ The reality was that there wasn’t much running going on – the paths were overgrown with brambles and a number of fallen trees barred the way. At one point, we climbed all the way to the top of this really scary hill, only to have to turn back round and go down again because the path ahead was too blocked. My brand new trainers are well and truly christened with bog water.

So, there was little by the way of running done for the most of it, but it felt like a really good work out all the same. My legs were aching in places they don’t normally after a road run, as the uneven surface strengthened muscles that aren’t normally used.

On wednesday we went for another 5 miler, this time mostly road with a bit of off-roading thrown in. It was through some meadows, which, after monday, looked liked an absolute walk in the park! With our half marathon coming up, it was really good to get out and do a couple of challenging runs to push ourselves a bit. Now we just need to get the distance up!

In DIY terms, I’ve been painting fences. Again. Although, I must say this year it’s been much easier. Rather than a full on repaint, they mostly just needed a bit of a top up, which meant it’s gone much quicker.

I’ve also been peeling wallpaper to get the spare room ready for decorating. It’s going to have to be replastered, because along with wallpaper, I’ve also peeled a great deal of plaster off. It’s just so old it literally crumbles away from the wall the moment you so much as breathe on it. It’s made a massive mess, but it’s all mess in the right direction.

The week ended with a wedding – a friend of mine from my Post Grad course got married and it was a beautiful day. She’s one of those incredibly stylish people who has great vision – the wedding was all country chic and full of those personal touches that make weddings so great. And the bride looked absolutely stunning. 🙂

Next week I start work. It’s been nice to have a holiday, but to be honest, I’m looking forwards to having a routine again. It’s unfortunate that it pops up just as the Boyfriend goes on leave… bad timing.com … but it will be a new adventure, and I’m nervous but excited about it!


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