Cover Lust #27 – Lumiere

Cover Lust #27 – Lumiere by Jacquline E. Garlick


Just look at that dress. Just look at it. Historical and alternate history books often boast beautiful clothes, but that dress is above and beyond. I want to own it.

I really like the subtle hints of turquoise, tying in her necklace with the fonts and patterns. There’s something very soft about this cover – with the fog and smoke and gentle glowing. And I really love the main title font as well – it suits so perfectly. I would definitely pick this up at a bookshop for a closer look.

Lumiere and six other books are currently available as part of a StoryBundle. In case you aren’t familiar, StoryBundle is a pay what you like service, supporting Indie Authors. So you can pay whatever you think the books are worth. Pay over $10 and you get all seven books. So if you love your steampunk, get your fix here.

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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