Cover Lust #26 – Ruin and Rising

Cover Lust #26 – Ruin and Rising by Leigh BardugoRuin and Rising

I really love how dramatic this is with the red and flames in the background. Talk about making an impression.

I haven’t read this trilogy yet (at time of writing, at time of posting I may be getting round to them!) but as this is the final instalment, I’m guessing it’s all action and final climactic moments. The switch from grey to red in the background would certainly suggest that.

I really like the windy font too – and how all three books in the trilogy really knit well together in terms of design. I particularly love books in a series that have been designed to look like a set, but different enough that they stand on their own as a design. I particularly hate it when you have a load of books of one cover type in a series, then you randomly get one that is done by a different designer and it just looks naff on your shelf. Consistency in design across a series is so key for me, and this cover hits it in all the right places.

So excited to read these!

What covers are you lusting over this week?


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