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So, I’ve been mentioning a project I’ve been working on with Carole Heidi for a while now.

Last week, we started posting a few bits and bobs on the twitter and Facebook accounts (links below) and I’ve started putting together banners and badges for the profiles. (Incidentally, everything apart from the ivy in that banner has been generated using photoshop. Honestly, I started with a blue rectangle. I’m quite proud of myself!!)

Now we’re ready to start spreading the word!

About the Project

The Augurdale series is a series of books set in a small town in the English countryside, somewhere in the north of the country.

Like most small, rural towns, everyone there knows everyone else’s business and there are plenty of skeletons lurking in closets.

Unlike most small towns, none of the residents are human.

Augurdale was a haven for creatures of myth and magic. But the measures meant to protect them might just be being used to control them…

The Series

The books will follow the adventures of Allison Eilles, elemental Witch, and the only person to ever successfully escape Augurdale. When her sister asks her for help, she has no choice but to return, and what she discovers could change the town forever.

The town Elders think Allison’s sister is losing control of her magic. If Allison lost control of hers, she might burn down a few buildings, but Lessa isn’t an elemental Witch – she’s a psychic Witch. Losing control of her power could drive her mad, and there are few things as dangerous as an unstable psychic Witch.

With help from scatty Shifter Sybil, and gorgeous but grouchy Werewolf Greg, Allison has to try to clear her sister’s name. Not easy when the more she digs, the more it looks like the Elders might have been right all along…

Coming Soon

We’re hoping to get a website running soon, which will have character profiles, information about the books and other bits and bobs (maybe some short stories set in the universe). I’ll be sure to post a link here just as soon as there’s anything worth looking at.

Follow Us!

We currently have two social media accounts: Twitter and Facebook.

Both accounts are run in character, currently giving a flavour of the town and its residents. As we get closer to release date, we’ll start to provide hints and clues to the story, as well as tie in details once they’re released.

We’d love to get the conversation going, so if you know anyone who would enjoy a paranormal mystery story with a bit of romance, please share. And ask us anything on the accounts – Edith Barker, Augurdale’s social media officer, and Brownie (the fairy kind, not the ‘small girl wearing yellow and brown trying to earn badges’ kind) will do her best to answer.

Follow us on Twitter | Follow us on Facebook

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