Cover Lust #24 – The Broken Eye

Cover Lust #24 – The Broken Eye by Brent Weeks

the broken eye

I love the colouring on this, which is highly appropriate for a series all about people who use light and colour to create magic. The deep green should look weird in the sky, but instead it looks really dramatic and beautiful. The fact that you get all those different shades – red, yellow, blue, orange, green – is perfectly in keeping with the story.

The black birds in the tree and sky are pretty ominous – it kind of reminds me of that scene in The Birds where all the crows gather on the play equipment. The guy in the middle with his features all masked by his cloak is equally shady.

Ack, I can’t wait to read this. I really need to start ploughing through my TBR list at a much greater pace!!

What covers are you lusting over this week?


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