5 Things I Love About Summer

It’s been a good summer in Britain this year. Rather than the week break in the rain some time around April, we’ve had several weeks of good sunshine. It’s been quite muggy, which I don’t especially enjoy, but there’s been a lot of just brilliant weather.

This is my last ‘summer off’ as from next year I will be working in a role that doesn’t have a six week summer holiday, and I’m trying to make the most of the break. There are loads of things I love about the summer, here are a few:

1. Running in the Light

Running in the warm, not so much – I’ve got used to having a layer of slick sweat all over my body within a few steps at the moment – but running in the summer does mean that you have good light. Which means you don’t have to wear annoying head torches, you can go a bit more cross country, and you don’t have to wear super unflattering fluorescent running jackets.

2. Barbecues

I am vegetarian, but there’s something lovely about cooking and eating outdoors, even when it is a Quorn burger. My mother has a great garden and a gas barbecue that she often cracks out of a warm summer evening, and I love tucking into fresh bread rolls, burgers and cheese slices. Preferably with a nice chilled cider on the side.

3. Watching Movies Outside

This was a new one on me – introduced by Mr T and his family. We lay outside in his garden on mattresses and blankets to watch three (terrible) movies one night. It was really lovely, and for the first time I started to understand the appeal of drive-ins. It was so nice to be out in the fresh air – sort of like having a picnic, but with added entertainment value. Or at least it would have been, if there had been good movies on. I’ll choose the films next time, I think!

4. Opening all the Windows in your House

This is usually the first thing I start doing when the weather improves. I love having the windows open. Yes you get a few bugs coming in here and there, but the fresh air just brings the house to life – literally blowing out the cobwebs. I’m writing this now with my study window wide open. I was feeling quite sleepy and lethargic before, but now there’s a cool breeze blowing down my neck and plenty of fresh air coming in, and I’ve perked right up. Plants are supposed to have the same effect, but I’m hopeless at keeping them alive, so wide open windows it is!

5. Sunbathing is a Great Excuse to Read

If I just lie down and read a book, I sometimes feel lazy, like I should be doing something else. I don’t know why. Reading is part of a ‘responsibility’ (the Boyfriend doesn’t like it when I call it a ‘job’ as it’s not paid…) I take on when agreeing to review books, so it is effectively ‘work’, but to just drop everything and lie down for a good read in the middle of the day seems like taking a liberty too far.

But if I’m sunbathing… Well, that’s fair game. That’s multitasking. I get so much reading done when I’m on holiday, and when I can just lie outside and enjoy the good weather. And it’s brilliant. I’m going to get so much reading done these last few weeks of freedom, if I’ve got any say about it!

What Do You Love About Summer?


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