New Job Resolutions

I’ve had a few interviews, and another assessment coming up. Things have been busy, and with each thing, I’m a step closer to having a new job. I don’t know which it’s going to be yet (I know which I have my fingers most crossed for!) but whatever it is, it’s going to be new. No going back from that – the old job is officially over.

But, whatever the new job entails, I’ve a few ‘resolutions’ that I wish to keep.

1. Keep up with everything

Teaching was so time consuming, intensive and tiring, I found it really hard to keep up with my hobbies. The hobbies I have aren’t the sort you can pick up and drop. Running, writing, yoga – all these things are best done regularly.

So, starting this summer, I’m going to try and pick up some good habits. I have a plan with Taylor to get back into the running – we’re running every day, just short distances, but following it with stretches, yoga and strength exercises for a bit of a whole body boot camp before I start upping the distance ahead of the Half Marathon I’m running in October.

We’ve also restarted Unofficial Writer’s Club. We’re doing it weekly as long as Taylor is not at University, and will probably go back to monthly after that, but again, the summer is about kick-starting. We’re writing stories and planning things, and generally engaging with the craft again, which feels very good after all the intermittent writing I’ve been doing for the past few months.

My final thing to get back into is music. I’ve ‘maintained’ my skills at piano for the past four years, and dabbled in guitar from time to time, but music, like everything else I’ve mentioned, requires consistent practise. I used to love singing and playing, but I’ve fallen out of it since we stopped busking. A lot of that has to do with spending all day talking and shouting at children, which leaves the voice strained and tired. I started sounding pretty bad, and struggling to sing more than one song, so it wasn’t much fun any more. But now, I’m likely to not be needing to shout all that much, so that brings singing back into the equation. I’ve been playing a little every day, and trying to build some strength back into my voice, and I’m really enjoying it.

2. Scrimping and Saving

Whatever I end up doing, I’m going to be a little broke for a while as I go back to training wage. I’m trying to do things to save money, just to get into good habits. Hopefully, these habits will continue when I’m back on decent money, and that means I’ll have more disposable income to spend on things like some new clothes.

I’m starting by making lunch for the Boyfriend. It’s just a little thing – and I started doing it for myself for my last six weeks at work – but it saves sometimes a fiver a day. I was always too tired and busy to do it before – and I’m sure that will continue to be a problem! – but if I make the habit now, it will be easier to keep it up.

I’m also trying to meal plan. This is both to try and eat a little more healthily, as part of the overall health kick, and to save on food waste, which the Boyfriend and I are dreadful for.

Just little changes, but they will make a big difference to our overall outgoings. And hopefully make us more healthy in the process!

3. Be Happier

I have been quite negative about a lot of things lately. It’s easy to blame it on being unhappy in work, and I’m sure doing something that suits me more will help enormously with this. But like anything, negative thinking is a habit you have to work to break, and I really want to try and use the boost of the new job to help propel me towards more positive thinking.

All these resolutions will feed into each other – it’s harder to be negative when you have exercise endorphins coursing through your blood stream, and eating healthy will have a positive influence on my mood as well – and I’m really hopeful that this big change is going to help me lead a better life in every way.

Wish me luck!



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