I <3 Spotify

I don’t listen to the radio much these days. The Boyfriend has a haunted Digital Radio (Haunted because it likes to randomly turn itself on for reasons we can’t fathom. So, ghost. Obviously.) which is usually dusted off when we’re doing housework or decorating. But it’s not what I usually use.

Radio irritates me. I hate the talking and I hate the adverts. I hate that you can’t skip the annoying songs. I hate that they all seem to play the same sort of stuff all the time. I used to listen to Chris Moyles in the morning on my way to work – I found him less offensive than most (I know that seems to be contradictory to a lot of people’s opinions of Chris Moyles) – but then they switched him out for Grimmy. Who I find juvenile and irritating.

So I started listening to podcasts, then audiobooks, and the radio barely gets a look in.

Which means I get very out of touch with current music. I know next to nothing about what’s in the charts. Which is annoying, because I actually really like music, and like discovering new bands to listen to. Aside from recommendations from friends, I was having a hard time finding new things to listen to.

But Spotify has solved all that. Spotify is GREAT.

I’ve been building a new playlist lately for a project I’m working on with Carole Heidi. With Spotify, I was able to share it with her and invite her to add her own songs. Between us we’ve filled it with everything from The Lumineers to Delta Goodrem (her choice, not mine :P).

When starting to populate a playlist, the first thing I do is go through the songs I know would fit from what I’ve been listening to lately, or just something that sticks out in my mind as ‘right’. I started with Ho Hey by the Lumineers, then clicked on the wonderful ‘Related Artists’ link and started trawling through those, and the artists relating to them.

Just by doing this, I’ve discovered so many fabulous tunes – my favourites being Say Something by A Great Big World and Wolf & I by Oh Land (also added by Carole, redeeming her some!) And when I want to know about what’s popular, there’s the top list. There’s a lot of hip-hop on there (not my music taste) but there’s also a lot of great stuff too. I really like Sam Smith’s new song, and Budapest by George Ezra is a great summer tune.

Which is why I love Spotify. It fills in the gap left by the radio, without adverts, and without having to listen to stuff you don’t like or simply don’t fancy. I almost always have it on in the background when I’m working on my computer, including right now as I type this. It’s such a great tool – particularly invaluable to me as a writer. Playing the right mood music is vital to me to get me into a scene, and with Spotify there’s a wealth of different moods available at the click of a button.

I don’t know what I’d do without it!


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