Cover Lust #22 – The Ripper Affair

Cover Lust #22 – The Ripper Affair by Lilith Saintcrow

the ripper affair

I’ve talked before about Lilith Saintcrow being one lucky girl with her cover designer. But look at that – it’s a thing of beauty.

I love the dress, I love the strange magic glow, I love the hint of London in the background. I’ll admit, the yellow hint is not the most flattering, but it fits in with the ‘colour scheming’ of each book. These books fit together as a series so nicely – they’re going to look gorgeous on my shelf.

I’m really excited about this one (I know, I say that about every book I feature on Cover Lust – but it just goes to show, we do judge books by covers, and there’s no excuse for publishing houses not to do a superb job on them) and can’t wait to have all three books lined up together just to admire.

iron wyrmthe-red-plague-affairthe ripper affair

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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