Cover Lust #21 – Shimmer

Cover Lust #21 – Shimmer by Paula Weston


I’ve received this to review, and I’m really excited as the whole series so far has been fab – which is somewhat of a rarity in my reading of teen paranormal books. So often the first is great, the second is terrible and I don’t bother with the third. So, high expectations, Paula Weston! Can you meet them?

Well, starting with the cover, this is looking good. I love the look of this series too, with the silhouetted figure, the suggestion of angel wings, the soft pastel colours – it looks so pretty, and each of the three books knits nicely together with the others.

I like how on this one the title ‘Shimmer’ is written in yellow – it matches with the feeling of the word, but also suggests a sort of happiness. The previous books were titled ‘Shadows’ and ‘Haze’ both words with dark and confused connotations. Shimmer sounds brighter and happier, and I like how the colouring of the letters reflects that.

Overall, I’m really excited about reading this one. Better hurry up and finish everything else I’m plodding through at the moment!

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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