Review: Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill

queen of the dark thingsTitle: Queen of the Dark Things

Author: C. Robert Cargill

Genre: Fantasy

Series: Dreams and Shadows #2

Summary (from Goodreads)

Six months have passed since the wizard Colby lost his best friend to an army of fairies from the Limestone Kingdom, a realm of mystery and darkness beyond our own. But in vanquishing these creatures and banning them from Austin, Colby sacrificed the anonymity that protected him. Now word of his deeds has spread, and powerful enemies from the past—including one Colby considered a friend—have resurfaced to exact their revenge.

As darkness gathers around the city and time runs out, Colby has to turn to forces even darker than those he once battled for aid.


I really enjoyed C. Robert Cargill’s debut effort, Dreams and Shadows, with its creepy fairies and fascinating world building. To be honest, I thought it was a standalone work, so it was a pleasant surprise to find there was a book two.

The second book moves away from the fairies and into demons, and although I miss the creepy, horrible fairies, the multitude of demonic creatures more than fill the gap.

Everything that made the first book great is here again in spades – the world Colby lives in is explored in more detail, and remains a fascinating place to exist in for a few hundred pages. The plot twists and turns so much it walks a fine line between ‘rollercoaster’ and ‘unfollowable’ – though it manages always to stay on the right side of that line – and the characters are colourful, varied and interesting.

I loved the ghosts looking for their lost hands, I loved all the different demons, and I loved how, even though you knew there was going to be a positive resolution, that it wasn’t immediately clear how that was going to happen until the very end when everything that had been mentioned in the novel clicked together in a really satisfying way.

This didn’t quite blow me away ‘5 stars’ worth, however. Not really sure why – it didn’t quite have the same page turning ferocity of the first novel. Perhaps it’s just because it is familiar now, and not the brand new experience it was the first time round. Anyway, it’s a minor niggle in an otherwise fantastic book that I thoroughly enjoyed.

Rating: 4.5/5


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