Degusta Box Surprise!

So my wonderful friend Carole Heidi bought me a present the other day. It arrived yesterday and it was very exciting…


Lovely presentation! I’m excited to open 🙂


Even more lovely presentation inside…


What’s in the box? 

The box contains a random selection of non-perishable items. You had to fill in a brief questionnaire online, telling the company a little bit about what you like before they send it out to you. It was pretty much ‘how adventurous are you with X?’ I put ‘very for everything.


So, we got a can of beer, a chocolate milk, Lambrini Strawberry, some baked pineapple snacks…


Banana breakfast shake, a vanilla grinder, chocolate sticks, cereal and rice.


The Boyfriend came home and quickly demolished the beer. He questioned the point of the box. I said it was to give you the chance to try new things, and to try brands you might not have considered before. He looked at the beer thoughtfully and declared it was alright, but no better than any other lager.


These ‘gently baked’ pineapple flakes disappeared so fast I barely got to try one, though, so I’m going to say they were a hit. Not really my sort of thing – I’m not a massive fan of dried fruit (unless it’s raisins).


But, after a stressful day at work waiting for news about a job application, this Strawberry Lambrini is going down a real treat. It was going to be drunk whatever the news, but fortunately, it was good news.

So thanks to Carole and Degusta Box for the lovely selection.




One thought on “Degusta Box Surprise!

  1. CaroleHeidi says:

    Ooo! We didn’t get that chocolate milk thing – we got two breakfast shakes. And we have strawberry instead of pineapple fruit thingy.

    Glad you like it 😀 I really like the cereal (though it took the kids aaaages to eat it because they had to look at every single letter before they ate it…) xxx


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