The Road to Self Publishing: Backgrounds

The Road to Self Publishing: Backgrounds

So, I was pretty much decided that I wanted my foreground image to be of my two main characters. Two reasons for this – it seems to be the trend for most covers in the genre of Urban Fantasy/Paranormal to have at least one of the main characters on the cover, and I had a photographer friend take a load of photos for the purpose about a year ago, and I still wanted to use them.

When I played around with covers before, I used a cityscape picture in the background. I thought of doing this again, but it was difficult to find something that wasn’t too busy, or not the right angle. I tried scouring a few stock photo sites, but didn’t find anything that suited.

There was also the idea I had about colour, and subtly changing the colour focus for each cover. Doing that with a city scape wouldn’t necessarily work. But most of all, it was the busyness detracting from the main image of the characters that caused the problem.

So, I started looking at simpler backgrounds. I looked at graffitied walls, as I thought this would give a ‘city’ feel, without having to show skyline, or photoshop out cars and people.

In the end, I decided on this:


I liked it because it was simple, without lots of different colours like the graffitied walls, so it will be easy to adjust the cover for the next instalment. I also liked how grungy it is – it really looks like something you might find on the side of an abandoned building in a run down part of a city. Which is exactly the sort of look I was going for.

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One thought on “The Road to Self Publishing: Backgrounds

  1. TAWilliams says:

    I did pretty much the same thing!
    I sorted through website after website trying to find a cover & even had a cityscape as one of my finalists, UNTIL I decided to go with a photo of a worn concrete wall. So from overly complex to incredibly simple!


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