Cover Lust #19 – My Last Kiss

Cover Lust #19 – My Last Kiss by Bethany Neal

My Last Kiss

So, I usually try to do these Cover Lusts from my TBR pile – books I’m waiting to review, or books I’ve been wanting to read for a while. But I’ve not had anything new in a while, and I’ve covered pretty much everything I’m planning to read in the next few weeks, so I’m branching out.

This beauty I saw on someone else’s blog, and it just grabbed my eye straight away. I love the disjointed strips of the picture – so unusual and haunting (I hate messed up faces, they freak me out.)

The book is about a ghost girl who is trying to remember the events leading up to her death so she can figure out what happened. She thinks it has something to do with her boyfriend, the last boy she kissed. So, the way the picture is all out of alignment perfectly matches the story – an image that is there but isn’t quite right, a memory just out of reach. It’s clever.

I also think that this cover doesn’t necessarily scream paranormal, which I also think is clever. It could be a thriller, could be a romance (and the story definitely seems to have elements of all three) and the ambiguity of genre could potentially attract readers who might not have otherwise picked it up.

Overall, I love this cover, and it really makes me want to add My Last Kiss to my already enormous TBR pile.

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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