Staffordshire YTF Awards

If you’re local to Staffordshire, like me, you may have heard of this book award. But likely not, it’s for school children of 11-14 – they vote for books to go on the short list, vote for the books on the shortlist and crown an overall winner. Last year’s winner was Wonder by R.J. Palacio.

As a big fan of young teen fiction, I like to try and read what’s popular, and this year I’m going to try and read the short list before the winner is announced in July (provided I can get hold of copies from the library – I know my library has them, but they’re like hotcakes at the moment!) and add my views on which is the best.

Click through on the links below to see my reviews of the shortlist. I’d love to know your opinion, so if you’ve read any of these let me know what you think!

The Shortlist

The Vanishing Game, Kate Kae Myers
While the Others Sleep, Tom Becker
Geek Girl, Holly Smale
Butter, Erin Jade Lange
The Poison Boy, Fletcher Moss
Wild Boy, Rob Lloyd Jones


One thought on “Staffordshire YTF Awards

  1. AKGrounsell says:

    I love doing YTF too. This year the books are: Bone Sparrow, Midnight Gang, Death or Ice-cream, A Seven Letter Word, Salt to the Sea and Going Solo. I’m going to review them on my page.


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