London Bound

I’m off to London today with two of my siblings, Taylor and Charlie.

No, we’re not running the London Marathon. In fact, we had no idea that the London Marathon was even on.

We’re going to catch up with our dad, see a show and eat at Hard Rock Cafe. We will be running Hampstead Heath ParkRun (yay for ParkRun tourism) – a mere 5k, less than 12% of the distance the marathoners will be running. And we will be sweating and puffing and cursing at the end of it, no doubt, and extremely grateful we don’t have to run the extra 88%.

I really like going to London for a couple of days. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a country bumpkin through and through, but sometimes I love the rush and isolation of the big cities. I’m inherently antisocial (blame mild autism) and find that sensation of being one person in many millions somehow comforting. It’s the same reason I used to like clubbing when I was at Uni – all those people crammed into one tiny little building and none of them knew who you were or tried to talk to you. It’s like reverse enochlophobia – I just kind of like being ignored by lots of people.

It sounds odd, I know, but I thrive on the energy of busy places as much as I intensely dislike awkward phatic conversation. I’d always rather go clubbing than to a house party. It’s also why I like running races. Feeling a part of something big and momentous and unstoppable – all those people generating all that energy. And you don’t have to talk to any of them. To me, visiting London is exactly the same.

Unless I can go with my sisters, of course, who through merit of being related to me don’t fall foul of my ‘I get social interaction overload and need to sit in a quiet room on my own until the headache goes away sometimes’ syndrome. I’m really excited to spend some time with them and see The Lion King. It’s a shame Ivy couldn’t come (work commitments, boo) but it will be a good adventure for the three of us.

Watch out, London Town, here we come!


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