Cover Lust #9 – Son of Set

Cover Lust #9 – Son of Set by Kelsey Ketch


Kelsey recently did the cover reveal for her latest novel, Son of Set, the second of her Descendants of Isis series. And what a beauty it is!

I really like the hieroglyphs in the background – so pretty, and subtly adding to the Egyptian theme. I also love the bluey-green colour scheme, and how it’s linked in the font, the background and the eyes of Seth.

Seth himself is not much my cup of tea, but I can imagine there are many people out there thinking I must be crazy. It’s definitely a smouldering look he’s giving – a ‘come with me and I’ll show you the time of your life’ kind of look that would have even the most reserved girl throwing caution to the wind.

Add Son of Set to your reading list on Goodreads here.

What covers are you lusting after this week?


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